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Our organization is still known as theOntarioMétisFamilyRecordsCenter, but our members are now known as The Painted Feather Woodland Métis Tribe.  Several members equated the name with the beautiful art form becoming popular inCanadawhich involves painting scenes on real feathers.  There is a deeper meaning behind the name.  As with First Nations, Métis people are often undistinguishable from their white neighbours.


The eagle feather symbolizes aboriginal culture.  Picture in your mind a beautiful eagle feather painted white, with only small patches of the actual feather showing through here and there.  This represents today’s Métis.  On the surface we may appear to be white, but parts of our heritage are visible if you look closely.


The above photo taken in 1906 illustrates the rapid transformation that has taken place.

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We hope that the site will eventually offer something for everyone. Topics will be added on a continuing basis on every subject imaginable: history, culture, sports, current events, anything and everything relating to First Nations, Métis and Inuit. There will also be articles on aboriginal peoples around the world. We would be pleased to receive your suggestions on topics you would like to see covered. Send your suggestions to omfrcinfo@gmail.com with the subject ‘Aboriginal Living’.

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Many high schools and colleges offer courses on aboriginal studies. We offer space on this site to educators and instructors for course materials. We already enjoy a relationship with Fleming College and their course material has been provided. Hopefully many more schools will accept our offer.

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